My favorite Visual Studio Extensions 2021

Here is my list of my most favorite Visual Studio Extensions! For my reference and as a guide to those seeking for such list!

Also if you like to learn some tips on tricks with Visual Studio I recommend joining my session on Visual Studio at ADC21 (German language).

Productivity Extensions

  • Code Maid (2019 / 2022)
    This awesome tool let’s you easily reorganize your source code and has many nice features like (Sync to Solution Explorer, Switch between related files (h/cpp, cshtml/cs, …)
  • Productivity Power Tools (2019 / 2022) – Options Dialog (2022)
    Still a valuable extension pack although it’s list of provided extensions is shrinking with each awesome Visual Studio release ❤️. My favorites are „Solution Error Visualizer“ and „Match Margin“ which I use frequently in Visual Studio.
    The options dialog let’s you tweak the settings in Visual Studio’s options!
  • Visual Studio Tweaks (2019 / 2022)
    A precious collection of extensions that make you life easier. Like the context menu special pasting JSON as classes, Code Cleanup on Format, and many more. Just one thing: If you notice that zoom with the mouse wheel stopped working: This is a feature and can be turned off under Options/Tweaks.
  • Code Cleanup on Save (2019 / 2022) – Format Document on Save (2019 / 2022)
    Allows to configure which Code-Cleanup Profile should be executed on saving a document
  • Git Pull (2019 / 2022)
  • Git Diff Margin (2019 / 2022)
    Visualizes very neatly what code you had changed directly in the editor ❤️ and let you undo it quickly without undoing the whole file. Has also nice indicators where code changes where done.
  • Insert Guid (2019 / 2022)
    For Guid-Nerds a must! Do not waste to much Guids! 😂
  • Switch Startup Projects (2019 / 2022)
    A very useful tool to switch the startup-projects very easily from a Drop-Down. Also supports multiple startup-projects. The configuration of those is a bit „complicated“ (json).
  • Preview JSON (2019 / 2022)
    Let’s you navigate through a Json-File easily
  • Add new file (2019 / 2022)
    SHIFT + F2 Shortcut to add new files and folders with a snap
  • Open in VSCode (2019 / 2022)
    Useful, if you want to quickly view a file as text (quicker than Open With,…)
  • Learn the Shortcut (2019)
    While a lot of shortcuts can be discovered by tool-tips and in the menu, this is a good helper for detecting more. It has not been ported to VS 2022 yet 😭 (I hope it will) – Helps to figure out

Build / Output Extensions

  • Clean Bin and Obj (2019 / 2022)
    Allows to cleanup and delete everything within Obj/Bin directories easily over the Build-Menu
  • Output Enhancer (2019 / 2022)
    Nicely colors your build/debug output for more clarity

Visual Studio Themes

  • Themes (2019 / 2022)
    While I love the look of dark themes (especially the NightOwl-Theme) I feel being more productive with light themes! Maybe it is my old eyes *laughs*.


yours Nina

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