My favorite Visual Studio Extensions 2021

Here is my list of my most favorite Visual Studio Extensions! For my reference and as a guide to those seeking for such list!

Also if you like to learn some tips on tricks with Visual Studio I recommend joining my session on Visual Studio at ADC21 (German language).

Productivity Extensions

  • Code Maid (2019 / 2022)
    This awesome tool let’s you easily reorganize your source code and has many nice features like (Sync to Solution Explorer, Switch between related files (h/cpp, cshtml/cs, …)
  • Productivity Power Tools (2019 / 2022) – Options Dialog (2022)
    Still a valuable extension pack although it’s list of provided extensions is shrinking with each awesome Visual Studio release ❤️. My favorites are „Solution Error Visualizer“ and „Match Margin“ which I use frequently in Visual Studio.
    The options dialog let’s you tweak the settings in Visual Studio’s options!
  • Visual Studio Tweaks (2019 / 2022)
    A precious collection of extensions that make you life easier. Like the context menu special pasting JSON as classes, Code Cleanup on Format, and many more. Just one thing: If you notice that zoom with the mouse wheel stopped working: This is a feature and can be turned off under Options/Tweaks.
  • Code Cleanup on Save (2019 / 2022) – Format Document on Save (2019 / 2022)
    Allows to configure which Code-Cleanup Profile should be executed on saving a document
  • Git Pull (2019 / 2022)
  • Git Diff Margin (2019 / 2022)
    Visualizes very neatly what code you had changed directly in the editor ❤️ and let you undo it quickly without undoing the whole file. Has also nice indicators where code changes where done.
  • Insert Guid (2019 / 2022)
    For Guid-Nerds a must! Do not waste to much Guids! 😂
  • Switch Startup Projects (2019 / 2022)
    A very useful tool to switch the startup-projects very easily from a Drop-Down. Also supports multiple startup-projects. The configuration of those is a bit „complicated“ (json).
  • Preview JSON (2019 / 2022)
    Let’s you navigate through a Json-File easily
  • Add new file (2019 / 2022)
    SHIFT + F2 Shortcut to add new files and folders with a snap
  • Open in VSCode (2019 / 2022)
    Useful, if you want to quickly view a file as text (quicker than Open With,…)
  • Learn the Shortcut (2019)
    While a lot of shortcuts can be discovered by tool-tips and in the menu, this is a good helper for detecting more. It has not been ported to VS 2022 yet 😭 (I hope it will) – Helps to figure out

Build / Output Extensions

  • Clean Bin and Obj (2019 / 2022)
    Allows to cleanup and delete everything within Obj/Bin directories easily over the Build-Menu
  • Output Enhancer (2019 / 2022)
    Nicely colors your build/debug output for more clarity

Visual Studio Themes

  • Themes (2019 / 2022)
    While I love the look of dark themes (especially the NightOwl-Theme) I feel being more productive with light themes! Maybe it is my old eyes *laughs*.


yours Nina

Application Insights Codelens Configuration

In my talk today at the Global Azure Bootcamp in Linz #gab #gab2019 I received a question regarding the source of Application Insights (AI) metrics that show up in Codelens.

How does Visual Studio know to which AI-Instance it should relate to?

This setting can be easily find by the Visual Studio 2019 „Search“-Functionality which can be accessed with the shortcut CTRL + Q and by entering „Configure Application Insights„. You can also find the settings under the menu „Project-Application Insights-Configure Application Insights…„.

I think these settings are quite self explanatory 🙂


Thanks Anton for asking this question!

Enjoy and have a great day

yours AndiP




Ubuntu with Visual Studio Code ARM Template


Setup the new cross-platform ASP.NET Core with Visual Studio Code on a Linux machine quickly? It’s a bit tedious to do all the required installation bits, not to mention to figure out the little issues.


imageUsing our new ARM-Template you can setup such Box on Microsoft Azure with a single click on the Deploy-Button (if you have an Azure Account already, if not get one here)! 

Then fill the parameters with values

  • Credentials
  • DNS-Name
  • Run full Ubuntu-Desktop? (installation will take much longer, but you can play Mahjong)
  • Resource-Group Name

and click “Create”.

The ARM Template installs:

  • Docker (from Docker Extension)
  • Ubuntu Desktop with XRDP and xfce4 (Full or Minimal)
  • Visual Studio Code
  • .NET Core SDK
  • NodeJS and NPM v6
  • Yeoman with ASP.NET Generator
  • C# Extension for Visual Studio Code in Visual Studio Code

RDPLoginLater use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to your machine! Computer:<DNS-Name>.<Location of Resource Group> Enter your credentials in the xrdp login dialog. Make sure “sesman-Xvnc” is selected!


VSCodeMenuYou find Visual Studio Code under Development. Or you can start it from the shell with “code .”. You also may use Yeoman with the preinstalled ASP.NET Generator.

Read more about the ASP.NET Generator at the blog of Scott Hanselman.

Enjoy playing with .NET Core and Visual Studio Code running in Windows Azure